Applied Cultural Ecology, LLC provides services in areas of heritage resource management for living cultural groups and communities, environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment, public involvement, community-based conservation, and corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and risk management. 

To provide innovative solutions to issues that may occur in these service areas, Applied Cultural Ecology uses the following skills:

  • Technical assistance to project proponents, government agencies and tribal and other cultural communities regarding identification, evaluation, and documentation of places of cultural and spiritual importance, as well as cultural beliefs and practices.
  • Public meeting facilitation for non-Native and Native communities.
  • Baseline data collection for public outreach and environmental impact statements, including environmental justice studies, social impact assessment, socioeconomic research, and cultural resource impact assessment.
  • Assistance with synthesizing data, environmental justice analyses, and components of environmental impact assessment documents related to minority communities.
  • Ethnographic and ethnohistoric overviews and studies, ethnographic landscape studies, cultural affiliation, and lineal descent studies.
  • National Historic Preservation Act-driven research and documentation, including National Register of Historic Places nominations.
  • Development of culturally appropriate treatment and mitigation plans.
  • Development of heritage preservation education programs.
  • Oral history and genealogical research.
  • Traditional ecological knowledge documentation and adaptation plans, eco-regional ethnographic assessments, cultural landscape documentation.
  • Development of practical solutions and plans to assist communities in adapting to climate change including education and training programs.